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Returning Back to Reality!

Here's my first blog post on my new + improved website! A lot has been going on since my last real photoshoot. On top of the COVID-19 situation, I was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer on March 19th. Because of my diagnosis and fears of COVID, I decided to self isolate until I was able to have my thyroid removed. The pandemic made it a bit difficult to navigate timing my surgery, but I finally had my thyroid removed on May 11th. I've been recovering since then, and feel great. (Despite my big scar on my neck!) I am so excited to be able to return back to some type of normalcy this coming week, because I get to go back to work at Wags Dog Club on Monday! My very last photoshoot prior to my diagnosis as actually at Wags on March 17th for St. Patrick's Day, and I feel like being able to return is helping this all come full circle. I'm so excited for the future and I'm going to continue to try to beat this.

I have one more treatment in July, and I'm hoping it'll be smooth sailing and I'll be putting this all behind me.

Since New York is reopening, I also get to return to normalcy in photography! I officially will be accepting bookings for photoshoots beginning in late June. My availability in July is a bit tricky until I have my treatment scheduled, but I'm assuming that I'll be able to continue booking photoshoots from late July and on.

I have missed photography more than anything and I can't wait to get right back into it!

Here's one of my favorite photos that I took of my dogs while in quarantine.

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