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About Me

I have had a love for photography since high school. I began practicing as much as I could, snapping photos of friends + my dogs. As my love for photography continued to grow and I practiced more and more, I began to start doing "real" photoshoots. Soon enough, I began volunteering at Verona Street Animal Society to become a volunteer photographer. This led me to working with animal rescues, photographing dogs of all ages and sizes, and also photographing rescue transport.. I also started working in the doggie daycare and boarding industry, where I began to photograph themed studio photoshoots that soon evolved into my minishoots.

While dog photography is my main specialty, I have also done numerous photoshoots for seniors/grads, couples/engagement photoshoots, family photoshoots, events, weddings! I'm always up for just about anything, because even years after starting photography, I'm still always learning and always practicing.

I launched this website after a low point in my life, where I had to completely self isolate due to a cancer diagnosis. As I fight to put the diagnosis behind me, I'm so excited to be able to get back into photography. I spent three months quarantined during the pandemic, awaiting a thyroidectomy to help treat my thyroid cancer. Following this surgery and radiation treatments, I decided to prioritize what meant the most to me: photography.

My Dogs


My dogs are frequently involved with my photo business! I love to have them model for minishoot promos, and I often post images of them on my photography social media. Piper, on the left, is my childhood golden retriever that I have had since high school. She is such a social dog, and is definitely main reason why I got into dog photography! Even before my photo business began, I used to love photographing Piper, and she has always loved posing (as long as treats are involved)! Junie Bee, in the middle, is the newest addition to my little family, and I adopted her through Operation Freedom Ride! I saw her in one of their transport live videos and immediately knew she belonged in my family. She is learning so much and always loves to sit for treats and pose for the camera. Winona Bean, on the right, was adopted in November of 2020, and she was my first "official" dog that I adopted on my own and raised on my own. I adopted her through SusieQ ResQ, and she was originally a stray puppy in Texas. Watching her bloom and grow into such an amazing dog was one of the best experiences of my life.

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